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Temple 45
Hand made hookah Temple 45 V4 from Art Hookah will never lose its uniqueness
The stem is made of borosilicate glass, and theshape of the outer stem minimizes the risk of tobacco syrup getting into thebase. The diffuser is located inside at the bottom part of the stem (numerousholes at the end of the stem). The diffuser facilitates better traction andsmoke filtering. 
Tray V4

The tray V4is only compatible with the Stem V4. It can be used for fruit bowls or simplywith the standard setup.

Due to the wide bottom, the hookah itself isvery stable. The size of the base is increased so that it has room for ice tocool the smoke inside, and because of the wide neck and roomy base, fruitcocktails can be made inside as well.
Air purge 
The air purge is made of aircraft aluminum andhas two main benefits: It makes cleaning easier and maintains the sealing ofthe hookah.
LED Lighting
The autonomous multicolor lighting comes with aremote control and serves to illuminate the hookah, which gives it asophisticated look anytime and anywhere. 
Silicone Hose
Hose is made of medicine silicone, it's easy to clean and safe to use. 
The mouthtip is made of aluminum and consists oftwo parts, which connect to the white silicone hose.  The mouthtip is absolutely durable, and youcan even cool the smoke with the use of an ice stick, which slips into the mouthtip.A spring on the hose helps keep the hose from collapsing on itself.