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Artem Siniakov

Founder artem@arthookah.com

Artem is the creative heart of the company, responsible for launching the advertising campaigns, the visual design, and new ideas to promote products. He also manages the Art Hookah office in Russia. There are two answers for every question: his and the wrong one. Artem is thin-skinned and extremely short-tempered, and although it might not look like it, he’s a master of sports in judo and sambo.

Edik Oganesyan

Design, art, visual realization. edik@arthookah.com

Edik is responsible for the design, art, and visual realization of the great ideas in the company. He takes it all very seriously and defends his vision and implicitly considers it the only way possible. The sake of art is ready for anything. Most of his inspiration comes while he’s watching cute animal videos.