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Art Hookah and Hookah Boss

Hookah Boss in social media: All episodes

In cooperation with Hookah Boss Kirill Glushchenko, we have launched a video guide to hookah preparation.

In his blog, Kirill shares his own secrets, such as how to prepare a good saucer for hookah, which coals work best, and how many layers of foil to use. In the blog we speak about the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of tobacco mixes, as well as share secrets of the hookah industry and the benefits of working with hookah in restaurants.

Kirill is always more than happy to answer all of your questions on his YouTube channel and official Facebook page. An official website will soon be launched with all the recipes from the Hookah Boss. hookahbosschannel.com  official YouTube channel HookahBoss. Soon we will launch official website with all recipes and advises from Hookah Boss. Website: www.hookahbosschannel.com.