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The decision to make hookahs that would fit perfectly in a modern atmosphere and not lose their uniqueness by being able to make different cocktails.

Spring. Produced its first hookah; the hookah is made with rubber connections and comes with one color lighting

Summer. First bulk of hookahs on Russian market in carton box

Fall. After success with the hookahs, decision to increase the volume and make the branded box; a bulk is made with cases instead of the box.

Winter. First production of aluminum mouthtip, aviator tube, space tube, and water beads for Russian market.

Spring. To improve smoking, joints are done using ground joints; hookah comes with 13-color lighting in a branded box.

Summer. Decision to make second office in the USA and first wholesale to Turkey.

Fall. First sales in the USA market; first video reviews from popular videobloggers, such as Hookah John, Selim Carik from Narguitest, and others. First bulk of water beads on the USA market

January. First participation in the largest exhibition in Las Vegas; Art Hookah was represented together with the Hookah Boss Project; visitors admired the new vision of hookahs.

Spring. Art Hookah opens a new company, USA Hookah Shop for distribution of American products to Russian market.

May. Start of the new online store arthookah.com for Russian market.

Summer. Launch of new video blog Hookah Boss, a hookah preparation guide.

A new version of hookah is made; it’s made with ground joints, as before, but in the standard set a new mouthtip aviator is included; stem is made with etching; there are two models on the market: Version 3 and Version 4; Version 4 has two-parted stem with tray.

Fall. Decision of business development and opening first Art Hookah lounge in California.

January. First sales of Version 4 on American market and Version 3 on Russian; participation at Las Vegas Expo 2015.

June. Opening of first hookah lounge in San Diego: Art Hookah Lounge.

September. New bulk of hookahs on American market. Only the latest version Temple 45 V4 is available.